Tiger Nip

Claiming More Blurb

It is getting down to the wire for the release of Claiming More. The plan/hope/if everything falls into place is to release it on Oct 8. Here’s what the story is all about. Blurb: Sampson Hart has known Mary Jane Poppy for ten years. She?s his sister?s best friend, business partner, and has had a …


Craving More for FREE

I decided since my 40th birthday is coming up to give pressies! The first is Craving More for free for 3 days on Amazon. I’m hoping with so many reading apps out there that people will pick it up and give me a try regardless of what ereader they have.   Amazon I hope everyone …


Cover Reveal

With all of the changes to Freefall (turning that into the series name, renaming the book, changes made on the website) I decided I needed a different cover than what I previously had out there. While I liked it, it just wasn’t looking quite right. BLURB Laurel is over her embarrassing high school crush on …