Writing Prompt #1

If you like my Facebook author page then you know I’ve been having a problem with writers block and have decided to resurrect my blog and start doing some writing prompts. This, my friends, is the first one.

I’ve pulled the prompt from Tumblr from Creative Writing Prompts. You can check it out here: http://unblockingwritersblock.tumblr.com

Writing Prompt #1

“Look. If this is gonna happen then you need to do it. I can’t risk getting stabbed gain. I just can’t.”

“Wait, WHAT?”

“Look, if this is gonna happen, then you need to do it. I can’t risk getting stabbed again. I just can’t.”

“Wait, AGAIN?” Mal’s gaze snapped up from the papers on the desk. Her eyes blown wide with shock. If it wasn’t such a serious conversation, Laura would have laughed at the sight. It wasn’t often she could pull that kind of reaction from Malisia. As far as she knew, Mal knew everything that went on in the company, from how much Griggs spent on escorts when out on assignment to the exact amount of change Spencer carried in his pocket, though no one has everseen him empty it out. But in Mal’s defense, she hadbeen on vacation when it happened and Laura was pretty damn good at covering up her pain.

“Yes,” she shuddered as she remembered the last time it happened. The last time, not the first. How that was even something in her life, she didn’t know. Her assignment, one she’d given herself, had been a simple observe and document an unfaithful spouse. Something she was well versed in. One would even say it was her specialty.

Unpleasant didn’t even cover how she felt during the last incident when a knife slipped between two of her ribs. She was just lucky nothing had been nicked or punctured. Then there was the whole lying to the hospital staff about how it happened because some asshole walked in, freaked out and called for an ambulance. She didn’t think they were convinced when she told them that it had been a series of unfortunate events, someone bumped into her which led to her, kind of, impaling herself on the kitchen knife Josie had been holding. Never mind the pure look of seething rage spread across Jodie’s delicate features the moment the guy interrupted. Yeah, an accidental bump was not the truth but that didn’t need to get out. At least, not yet. There had been more to the simple case than she realized. Which brought her back to the present.

“That’s not the issue right now.” Laura glanced down at the papers strewn across the desk. They were so close to bringing in the authorities on this case. “They know who I am. Me going in there, will not be good for anyone. Especially if we want the information and the ability to squeeze out even more before we hand them over. We need the proof and not just what our client asked for.”

Mal made a grunting noise before plopping in the chair pushed back from the desk. “They’ll know something is up regardless.”

Laura moved around the desk and sat in the chair in front of it. She tipped her head back and closed her eyes. There was so much they needed to figure out but there wasn’t a lot of time. But what if they…. She opened her eyes and leveled Mal with a look. She had a plan. Sorta. It might work though. “Maybe. Maybe not. Everything appears to be going through the restaurant.”

Laura stood and leaned over the desk. She rifled through a few of the papers searching for the one she knew had to be there. During their initial recon for the infidelity case, they’d gathered up every scrap of paper that had even the smallest inkling of being connected to him. Dry cleaning tags. Menus. Receipts of any kind. She shoved a large stack to the side allowing more pages to spread out and there near the bottom, was the sheet she was looking for.

She snatched it up and shook it in Mal’s direction.

The other woman huffed and leaned forward to grab it. “What am I looking at?”

“A way in,” Laura replied with a huge grin on her face.



Blog Challenge – Day 18 – Finding time

Finding time to write isn’t that hard right again. Everyday after work M-W-F once I get home and have lunch I have a couple hours to myself. Then there is Tuesday and Thursday. My off days. The problem comes with getting my mind right and getting the words going. The sitting down and just working. There is a ton of advice and opinions about writing out there. Things like write when the muse talks or write everyday even if you only get 50 words in.

For me, I haven’t decided what works best. Logically I know I need to write everyday. I sit down. I open up the file. Scroll to the spot I’m working in and sometimes I get nothing. There is a lot of sitting and thinking and just nothing comes to mind. Other days I go through the steps and can force a couple words out which will turn into a word-fest.  I’m still a relatively new author. I’ve been published 3 years. Not a ton of time like some people but enough time to start refining how I work. I’m getting there and there is a lot of “after I’m done with this” thinking. Last year I attempted to plot out the next year. Didn’t quite work out. I might try it again. We’ll see.

So finding time, I’ve got it. Its more of a matter of finding the words to fill the time. ~ Brandy

Blog Challenge – Day 8 – One Week Down!!!

Yay!!! I blogged for a week!!! Can you believe it? Yeah….me either. Topics, for me, are hard to come by. I still have no idea what to write about each day but I’ll keep on trucking. I’ll have a could guest posts. Some of my author friends were lovely enough to send me cool stuff to put on the blog. Speaking go which, I need to get those things scheduled.

Today was a lovely Saturday spent with the hubby doing errands. Ya know, dropping the truck off for an oil change and then hanging out in the mall drinking coffee and trying clothes on. Our day ended with a trip to the tiniest restaurant I’ve been in with the most fabulous Pad Thai. And the Pineapple Fried Rice, oh so tasty.

Tomorrow is a writing day for me. Some things came up and I’ll be taking a trip to Texas in a couple weeks so the book NEEDS to be done. Good thing it I was able to connect the newest sections I felt were needed with what I had already written.

Okay, I need to get this posted and work on scheduling those other posts.Have a great night! ~ Brandy

Blog Challenge – Day 7 – We have a blurb!!!

Morning everyone!

Guess what? We have the blurb for FINDING MORE!!!!!! I’m super excited about it. Seriously! FINDING MORE is the story that doesn’t seem to want to quit or be finished. Getting the blurb done is a major win in my book. I won’t keep blabbering on when I know what you want to read.



Devon Anderson’s life changed forever when his wife died; leaving him to care for their three small children, run his thriving Family Practice, and be the Golden Boy of their small Wyoming town, Garden. He thought he’d found the perfect solution to his loneliness and desire to have a companion when he asked Mary Jane Poppy to be his wife, but fate had something else in mind.

Fate came in the form of lithe, hybrid Carolline Greene; make that Dr. Carolline Greene, expert in Hybrid Development and Studies, and the one who showed Mary Jane she could go after the man she really wanted. A year down the road and Devon was still struggling to stay afloat with all of his responsibilities and battling the need for a companion even more.

Carolline Greene loved the new life she was building in Garden. She had a home she could call her own. A few very dear friends she would do anything for. Most importantly though, she had a position at the hospital that allowed her the time and resources to help people like herself. Give them the support, knowledge, and understanding she never had. She saw a bright, albeit lonely future, but she could deal with that. It wasn’t until a leisurely morning run ended with her thwarting the attempted kidnapping of three kids did her life take a sudden and life-changing turn.

Now that Fate has pushed them together, will Devon and Carolline look beyond first impressions and rumors to see what they could be? Mates meant to be together…forever.

WIP Wednesday

WIP: Falcon: December


“Falcon has agreed to spend a couple days with us before they have to leave.”


“Still looking out for my well-being, big sis?”


“I always will.” She beamed a smile at Deval, who had taken a seat next to Falcon. Falcon glanced at the man then back to his sister. She was met with a steely-eyed look that told her Amara wasn’t saying it just for Deval’s benefit. She respected a woman who could stand up for her family in the face of a demon. They were truly a rare breed.