Blog Challenge – Day 5

Its Wednesday! Have you been surviving the week? Have you found any spare time to sit and read? Get lost in a book? I haven’t but that’s okay. My co-worker at the day job is back and I’m back to my M-W-F schedule. I’ve gotten caught up on a couple things that were desperate for …


Blog Challenge – Day 3

Monday…..yep, its here. Happens once a week, even though sometimes it seems like every day is a Monday. What should we talk about today? How about a Monday Memory? A trip back to the beginning of the Tiger Nip books and CRAVING MORE. Need a refresher? Corrine Hart is ready for few days off for …

Blog Challenge – Day 2

October started and I wasn’t even around to start blogging. Go figure. Yesterday was a day filled with rain and a band competition for the middle kid. It was cool because it was up at the Naval Academy but then the rain was well, a bit of a damper. Times got adjusted. Hubby and I …


Blog Challenge – Day 1

Already the blog challenge is a failure. How did October creep up on me already? I knew it was coming but somehow it didn’t register. Let’s keep our fingers crossed I can get on track with this whole blogging thing. ~ Brandy