Fly Guy Next Door

Fly Guy_200x300FLY GUY NEXT DOOR
A Freefall Novella

Publisher: TEZ Publishing/BW Books
Release Date: March 25, 2014

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Hero: Kegen Ferris
Heroine: Marlowe Scott



Marlowe Scott loves her life. She’s settled into her new home, her lingerie boutique Whispers is steadily growing, and she’s seeing her hot next-door neighbor, Kegen Ferris. They’ve been playing it cool, acting like what they have together is only a fun fling, but lately her heart has been telling her different. She’s falling for Kegen harder and faster than she ever thought possible and she’s not sure that’s the best move she’s ever made.

Kegen Ferris adores his neighbor. She’s smart, witty, independent, and sexy as hell. They haven’t been going out for very long but he knows she’s his forever girl. His only problem now is getting the commitment shy woman to see things his way.

Kegen’s plan to woo her gets thwarted when his twin brother gets hurt during a jump, their parents show up to take care of said brother, and Marlowe’s work load suddenly increases. In a last ditch effort to get some time with the woman he’s fallen in love with and tell her how he feels, he takes her to a place near and dear to his heart, the business he runs with his brothers, the Chute Shack. Once he gets her on his turf, he’s hoping his first love will give him the strength to convince her of his love.

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Fly Guy Next Door (Freefall, #2)