Dragon Round-Up

Are you ready for some dragons?! Here’s a great round-up organized by the lovely Liza Street! Dragon Shattered, by Keira Blackwood and Liza Street Ariana believed she’d been lucky to find love once. No other man could compare to her mate, and his memory lived strong even after his tragic death. Her security firm became …


Happy Book Birthday Adrian!

A Happy Book Birthday goes out to Adrian, Mystic Zodiac Book 8!!! Adrian folds in my love of tattoos and being down in Georgetown in the Washington D.C. area. There are some fantastic shops and some beautiful sites there. I had a lot of fun researching homes and mapping out my favorite places. It helped that …


Writing Prompt #1

If you like my Facebook author page then you know I’ve been having a problem with writers block and have decided to resurrect my blog and start doing some writing prompts. This, my friends, is the first one. I’ve pulled the prompt from Tumblr from Creative Writing Prompts. You can check it out here: Writing …


Blog Challenge – Day 26


Tiger Nip, Book 3


She wasn’t surprised by his attitude. He was used to people jumping when he snapped. Sadly for him, she would not be one of them. The idea of letting her mate run roughshod over her left a bad taste in her mouth.

Counting down the seconds, she knew exactly when he stepped into the room. The warm scent of his musk drifted to her, rippling over her body. She repressed the shiver wanting to take hold. The door shut, lock clicking in place. Focus on work. Let him bring up moving in.